On Egyptian Presidential Elections

Egypt presidential elections posters and billboards.By gr33ndata

Egypt presidential elections posters and billboards.By gr33ndata

The country is facing the approaching elections dilemma. The first presidential elections in god-knows how long. People have doubts and yet are excited about this event. Some of the people I know have already prepared their ways out and are ready to pack their suitcases if the shit hits the fan. [meaning: the wrong candidate will take over and Revolution 2.0 will be on]

There are a lot of candidates running for the office, they are all different from each other and have polarized opinions on the country’s future. Among the participants of the race one might find extremely religious Salafi leader, socialist leader, moderate liberals and an ex Muslim Brotherhood chameleon [so some people believe that this candidate will turn back to the Brotherhood if elected]. Salafis are not very known for their knowledge on economy and stuff like that, yet they would like to impose Sharia laws and force veils on every woman [the biggest fear of the liberals here]. However, let’s not forget that Egypt is not Saudi Arabia and Egypt has no oil, so even if they try to impose Sharia law on everyone economic development and growth will be in question. I believe politicians cannot just outlaw the tourism as this industry brings some profit to the country’s budget.

Some other people fear that alcohol and bikinis will be banned in the country. Well, it also seems unlikely since all local alcohol producers are already in politics and their businesses are closely tightened to the political elites. So it will be highly problematic to separate the two.

Many candidates promise a lot of positive things for the society, but they don’t offer a real strategy in achieving these goals. How are they going to help the poor and make everyone equal? the answer remains silent.

Well, in the meantime, the poor are getting poorer, women rights are in question [parliament does not have that many women, Female Genital Mutilation might get legal [!] again] and Copts fear the Muslim rule in the country.

And here is a useful web site for the elections: http://www.qomra.org/en

It has some info in English and a poll on the presidential race, however, the sample is too small: only 71 people voted so far.

I might be wrong in my conclusions but this is how it all seems to me so far.


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