Egypt: Unfinished business of the Revolution


It’s been a year since the revolution started. It’s been a year and it seems that nothing was changed: military rule, corruption and the power of former officials is still in place. People are disappointed and wish the military to leave.

Some of my friends feared that the second round of violence on Tahrir could destroy the country completely. Some went to the square, others stayed at home.

I was conflicted, just like my roommate. We both wanted to go and see it with our own eyes, but at the same time we did not want to act like silly tourists and go there out of sheer curiosity. So we kept walking around, calling people and asking who could join us. And … we failed. The day ended up in our living room filled with memories from the year back: the fear that you can almost touch with your hand, countless amounts of weapons and armored people, despair and vulnerability. I never experienced anything like that in my life.

A year ago I was in Budapest watching this Tahrir madness on Al Jazeera. By that time I did not even plan on moving to Egypt and staying here for a while. And here I am …

It is definitely a great thing that there was no violence on Tahrir yesterday. No one wants to repeat the Libyan scenario; people seem to have more sanity than a year ago. However, all these revolutionaries are disorganized and a bit too idealistic. No one has a clear plan of what’s going to happen after – and this is the biggest challenge. There is no leader and no common idea. People claim they want to have a democracy, BUT they have no common understanding of what democracy is. I believe that politics and religion should not be combined, that they are clearly separated. Otherwise it will not be a democracy, but a failed state – just like Russia. Well, Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis have a different opinion …

Tahrir, 25 of January 2012

Tahrir, 25 of January 2012


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