Pre Protest Day


The Egyptian Revolution Will Continue Until Victory

It all started a year ago. People said “enough is enough” and never left Tahrir. Someone is always on Tahriri protesting. Protesting became fashionable here; even the truck drivers protested against regulations aimed on limiting their access to the city during the day. The logic: if you don’t like anything – just go protesting.

Well then the shit hit the fan and the majority voted for Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis in the parliament. But this happened later.

Prior to that people were optimistic about the future of the country, the people and everyone’s well being. However, it seems to me that people have differing opinions on democracy and rights in general. Some people would like the government to grant the freedom of speech in the country while others are looking for the ways to prevent their women from wearing tight jeans and going anywhere without a husband’s permission. There is no clear understanding and common grounds between the liberals and religious people: they simple are looking for different things.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day: people will go marching on Tahrir, just like they did a year ago. I was supposed to go to work tomorrow [despite the fact that it is going to be a national holiday], but they cancelled it last minute.

Nobody can say for sure what will happen tomorrow: bloodshed, peaceful protest or nothing at all. However, no one wishes to repeat the Libyan scenario.

Some funny pictures on the first parliamentary session in Egypt:


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