Common things between Egypt and Russia: protests


USA will NOT rule us! - لن تحكمنا امريكا By Gigi Ibrahim

I can see a lot of commonalities between Russia and Egypt: authoritarian regimes in both countries made a lot of similar mistakes. I am pretty sure that they are unaware of each other’s mistakes, but Russia still has an advantage since no one wishes to repeat the Egyptian scenario.

Russian authorities do not seem to notice what happens outside of the country. Leaders do not give up on the old Soviet tradition of creating and demonizing external enemies. Russian authorities are ready to suspect any foreign country in its desire to destabilize and destroy Russia’s sovereignty. A concept of the external enemy worked well in the past, so why not use it now? Neighboring Ukraine became a victim of such demonization during the gas scandal of 2008-2009. With the help of the governmental media the state triggered negative attitude towards Ukrainians. Do we really need this? Do we need to hate the nation that is so close historically and linguistically to us? Well, country leaders did not seem to think about it.

The same situation happens nowadays. Hundreds of thousands of people went protesting in Moscow and across the country asking for transparency and accountability of the state. The governmental reaction has changed from: ignore to empty promises. In his recent Address to the Federal Assembly President Medvedev promised to implement various changes aimed at the liberalization of the regime. It is not a secret that he will not be the one to fulfill the promises, since his presidential term will be over in March. In fact no one will fulfill anything he promised.

At the same time the state keeps imposing conspiracy theories on masses. They suggest that opposition leaders take money from the US state department. That the students who went protesting were paid for that. You know people judge others based on their own expectations and behavior. The pro-Kremlin youth movement went marching and got paid for that, however, it does not mean that everyone else does the same.

The Egyptian regime used exactly the same rhetoric and accusations. Well, now see where they are. In fact, if you think about it, the US State Department should be totally broke by now if the USA has paid for all the protests across the world: Orange Revolution in Ukraine, Arab Spring, Russian protests and many more.

Politicians! Wake up! YOU forced people on the streets by not doing your job and stealing off the people! It must be really hard to admin that authorities both in Russia and Egypt failed in every possible way to create a state that functions properly. No one needs this conspiracy. People are simply unhappy with the current government – simple as it is!!!


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