Saddam – Putin parallels


Several days ago I watched a mini-series about Saddam Hussein, his family and his deeds. It is called a House of Saddam, four series made by the BBC. Here is the movie trailer:

To be honest, I am not well educated on the topic. History of the Middle East never interested me. When Saddam came to power I was a little kid and hence don’t remember much about him from the news. When 9/11 happened I was still in high school – not that many memories left either. I remember the general excitement when the US invaded Iraq, people around me openly expressed their hatred towards the States and mischievously expected Saddam to kick asses of the Americans. I have no idea why people had such a strong level of hatred towards Americans, probably it has something to do with the Cold War past and the bad reporting of the then Russian media that was able to manipulate people. Well to be honest, people still hate Americans in Russia, even thought they don’t have any particular reason for that.

Well going back to the topic of the movie. This documentary presents Saddam as a sick psycho person (which he probably was), enjoying violence and power. At the same time he is not presented as religious at all: he is never shown praying or anything like that. Strangely enough he has written the Koran with his own blood. Now THAT is sick.

However, this movie highlighted once again that any totalitarian leader cannot solve the problem of his retirement or escape. Saddam was drowning himself and was taking his country with him. Many authoritarian leaders had to face the identical dilemma: what would happen to them and their families when they retire or what would happen to them after the coup. Different leaders solve this issue in a different manner. However, it seems rather obvious that there is no solution for that.

Russian father-of-the-nation Mr. Putin is facing the similar problem. I believe that Putin is an authoritarian leader who is slowly destroying the country and society. In case Putin resigns he might easily find himself imprisoned – it is not that difficult in Russia. I believe that this is one of the reasons why he became a Prime Minister after his Presidential term was over. Well that is why he will become the next Tsar (sorry – president) of Russia. Too many things are at stake…

In the meantime, in Egypt:
Muslim Brotherhood are taking over the parliament and some of my friends are somewhat freaking out on FaceBook. Well Muslim Brotherhood has some chances of ruining the country’s economy, but I don’t believe they have enough leverage to tighten the screws and, let’s say oblige all the women to wear headscarves. Time will show…

Important update:
The US embassy in Cairo has said that future exports of US-made teargas could be blocked if the Egyptian authorities continue to use it to cause death and injury. – as the Guardian puts it



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