Egypt: Tahrir news over the past weekend


Obviously my day starts with AL Jazeera. Couple of days ago I was scared and even started taking some anxiety pills. To be more precise I was mixing them with vodka. Today … well people have this tendency to adapt to circumstances fast. Today I am still worried. But I am not worried for my life but rather for the future of the country and its people. I am worried that Americans might decide to do the same shit here, just like they did in Libya. No one wants this.

I am sad that civilians on Tahrir suffer a lot, that the military forces use three types of tear gas that causes seizures, rushes, vomiting and coughing with blood. Al Jazeera provides a detailed article on so called “non-lethal” weapons that the government uses against protesters in Egypt, Greece and the US nowadays. Well, these measures can hardly be called non-lethal.

“Those with already existing conditions, such as asthma or lung disease, are at higher risk. However, if large doses are inhaled, particularly in enclosed space, it could damage lungs and lead to death, even for healthy people. But it depends on the dosage.”

Asphyxiation causes death on Tahrir. Doctors are not able to help everyone. Blood donations are needed. People keep sleeping on the square. And I must say it is not really hot at nights in here. So the situation seems pretty drastic.

The recent outrageous story involving an American/Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy has discredited the police forces even more. This world renowned journalist was detained on Tahrir, where she was on the front line with protesters. She was kept in the ministry of interior over nights where she was severely beaten and sexually harassed. They let her go for unknown reason, but there are many that were detained and still kept imprisoned. How many stories do remain unknown? Mona was vocal about it, but not everyone’s voice can be heard. It is shocking and scary. Yet at the same time, I am amazed that people keep protesting on Tahrir no matter what.

One girl at work said something like: “it never happened to her, this journalist made this whole story up. It is not the job of the police officers to do that.” Clearly she is biased against the revolutionaries since she is married to a police officer who now has to be on Tahrir. I remember expressing the saim opinion when someone poisoned Litvinenko with radioactive polonium in London. I could not believe that Russian officials are that insanely stupid to kill a person in such a manner. Well now, I think that it was them who killed this person.

I read the news, watch Al Jazeera, talk about these events with my friends, and I am falling in love with this nation that is ready to fight till the end: they have nothing to lose but their lives. I have never seen such a level of sacrifice anywhere else in the world.

In the meantime women of Egypt also participate in this second round of the revolution.

Tahrir Battle Supporters salute the revolutionary women of Egypt - Banner saying, "Egyptian women will not leave tahrir Square"

Another important thing: all these clashes between Christians and Muslims seem rather exaggerated by the media. It all seems like some sort of the governmental manipulation. Look at this picture: Christians protect Muslims while they pray.

Tahrir Square, Cairo: Christians protecting Muslims at prayer.


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