Egypt: Tahrir nightmare continues. Evacuation plan for me? – No says the Embassy


Yesterday one good friend of mine expressed her sentiments about Russia: she is nostalgic and wants to come back and live in Russia. Well she is not like me: she does not live in some revolutionary Egypt, but in a cozy Brussels. Brussels, with its bureaucracy, Belgian chocolate and a heart of Europe. Nevertheless she says she belongs to Russia and is not afraid of living there.

So can anyone explain me why I feel way more comfortable living in revolutionary Egypt rather than in cold corrupt bear-type country Russia? And I can tell you why. I love Egypt for the absence of rude people in shops, for presence of friendly people everywhere. I like the fact that when I go to the neighboring supermarket people who work there shake my hand when they see me, they know my name, greet me and smile. And it is a genuine smile – not a fake one. This never happened to me in Russia.

Today I decided to make a call to the Russian Embassy in Cairo and ask them about the possible evacuation plan from Egypt. So here is the literal conversation I had with the Embassy:

Me: hello, guys do you want me to leave you my number and address in Cairo?
Embassy lady: WHY?
Me: well, in case you decide to evacuate Russian citizens from Egypt?
Embassy: hmm, well if that happens, you will find out about it from the news.
Me: !!!???
Embassy: if we decide to evacuate Russians from Egypt – give us a call and … oh… you need to arrange it yourself anyways.

I love you fucking mother Russia.

THAT is why I hate when people label me as Russian. I don’t want to be associated with this country just because I have its citizenship. I am from Vladivostok and care about my city more than about this whole big corrupt and rotten country of bearcats in Kremlin.

And just to make a comparison:

Polish Embassy in Cairo made announcement on FaceBook in a group called polacy w egipcie that the Embassy needs to collect all the data of Polish and Polish-Egyptian families with their addresses, phone numbers and passport details in case of anything

My quick FaceBook search of “Russians in Egypt” or “Russian Embassy in Egypt” did not bring any fruitful result.

Well, to be honest I am not planning to escape, run away, evacuate or what else. I am staying here and really amazed by this nation.

In the meantime on Tahrir:

Tahrir Square on November 22nd By lilianwagdy

"The Friday of One Demand" A man waving the Egyptian and Syrian flags sits above a banner honouring the "April 8 Officers," a group of army officers who joined a sit-in at Tahrir Square that was violently dispersed by security forces. Many of the officers were arrested and face military prosecution. By Al Jazeera English

Tahrir Sq on Nov 20 CSF and Army break into the square By lilianwagdy


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  1. Be careful what you write on the internet, even in English! If Putin’s friendly security services see your feelings about Russia, they might not be so friendly the next time you visit home…

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