If only Egypt had IKEA


Cairo Furniture Craftsmen

… I would be mega happy … I would buy some nice curtains for my apartment and it would not look as ugly as it looks now.

Local furniture preferences are terrifying. My friend Viktor calls it a late-Mubarak style, even thought he has never seen my flat, even on pictures. Nevertheless it is a pretty accurate description.

So here is my quick guide on the furniture styles here.

Just as everything else in Egypt furniture should be impressive. You can find people wearing some crappy clothes BUT having real RayBan glasses and real golden watches. The same logic is applicable to the furniture: the walls might be crappy, the kitchen could be a disaster, but sofas and chairs should be fake gold plated: the more the better. The ensemble would not be complete without green-ish curtains in imperial style. Colden-green combo is the most popular one. I have 2 large sofas in my living room + 2 armchairs, an impressive tall glass table and 6 greeny+golden chairs. Massive chandeliers are also in place.

Back in the USSR day people were hunting for crystal glasses and Japanese china, as well as Persian carpets that were placed on walls. And still, a lot of flats in Russia are stashed with this old stuff. Similar dynamics can be found here. If you go to a countless number of furniture stores in my neighborhood you would find various furniture sets: matching chairs and tables, strange decoration decisions and massive chandeliers. Some might call it Novelle Antique, I would say: Wel’cam to Edgypt!!!!!

That is how the ideal living room would look like - Egyptian style


About Masha Egupova

I am coming from the small city on the Russian Far East called Vladivostok, but Chinese call it 海參崴 [Hǎishēnwǎi] meaning "Sea Cucumber Cliffs." In my blog I will present the view from and about Vladivostok and my views on what is going on in Russia in general.

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  1. What are you talking about, that’s an *awesome* chair 😀

    I mean, how do I miss my velvety dark-red giant sofa with its fake-gold lion’s feet … unfortunately, it’s rotting away in storage in Holland.

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