Why does it always rain on me?


Downtown Facades By Daveness_98

This morning I had a feeling that it might rain in here. The clouds were all fluffy and pretty. I hoped for a light rain. You know, this feeling before the rain: when the air is heavy and it smells like powder. So I had a feeling.

However, it did not rain in a traditional sense of the word “raining.” It rained on me. I and colleagues were sitting outside during the lunch break. And I was enjoying my Americano. Local waiters in a French patisserie did not know how to make Americano; they said they don’t have it :). So I had to ask for espresso with water and milk. While I was enjoying my coffee and my book I felt some water drops on my face. I looked up in wonder since there were no clouds anymore and no particular reason to rain. And then … it rained on me.

I screamed and jumped away from the accidental soap-water flow. I literally yelled FUCK!!! People have this tendency here: they wash balconies with incredible amounts of water and soap. They don’t even care if someone is downstairs sitting, walking chilling. Why even bother warning people about the balcony cleaning disaster? when they can have fun pouring water on anyone downstairs! Locals do not seem to care about anyone around them: I’ve seen people parking in the most unexpected places, I’ve seen people throwing away trash from their windows. It is some sort of a paradox: they don’t care about some things and care about others, for example I am sure my neighbors hate the fact that I live on my own. Imagine! A woman living alone????? Can it bring any good? So people don’t really care if they cause any inconvenience for others around but they are judgmental and poke their noses in your life to tell you how to live it. Well, people are judgmental everywhere, the level of judgment can be different.

The level of hypocrisy is also shocking. You can let’s say hug and kiss a girlfriend/boyfriend in a bar or a club, but you cannot do it on the street or even inside your own car. In the meantime the same people go/work in these bars and clubs that walk down the streets. So where is the logic? If you saw this in a bar, why does it seem so outrageous on the street? I just don’t get it. It is way beyond my understanding.

You can be Muslim, go to night clubs, consume alcohol and yet think that eating pork is a sin. I see some logical fallacy here.

Welcome to Egypt baby!


About Masha Egupova

I am coming from the small city on the Russian Far East called Vladivostok, but Chinese call it 海參崴 [Hǎishēnwǎi] meaning "Sea Cucumber Cliffs." In my blog I will present the view from and about Vladivostok and my views on what is going on in Russia in general.

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  1. One reason for God’s rule forbidding pork is that the digestive system of a pig is completely different from that of a cow. It is similar to ours, in that the stomach is very acidic. Pigs are gluttonous, never knowing when to stop eating. Their stomach acids become diluted because of the volume of food, allowing all kinds of vermin to pass through this protective barrier. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, and toxins can pass into the pigs flesh because of overeating. These toxins and infectious agents can be passed on to humans when they eat a pig’s flesh also there’s a well know worm called Trichinella spiralis or It is sometimes referred to as the “pork worm” due to it being found commonly in undercooked pork products, that’s why Muslims never eat pork and they never get this 😀
    a very simple experiment proved that called: Pork+Coke= Maggots !

    • Well dear Sara,

      What you’re saying might sound pretty logical. However, the same scientific approach can be applicable to any food. Undercooked chicken causes some stomach problems and poisoning. And besides, I am pretty sure that this logical scientific explanation appeared only several decades ago, when scientists tried to find logical explanation for this. And before that people simply believed that pig is dirty – that’s why they should not eat it. Many people believe it still.

      For example Hungarian cuisine is all about pork: you can find pork everywhere and they don’t see any problem with that. So does this make them less smart than Muslims or Jews? I don’t think so.

  2. Masha here is my reply lolz 😀

    There is a way difference between Stomach Pain, poisoning and Trichinella spiralis.
    No one is immune from that disease and there is no cure. Neither antibiotics nor drugs or vaccines affect these tiny deadly worms. Preventing infection is the real answer based on Researches in the North of America and Canada since you’re talking by Scientific approach, on the other hand Stomach pain, Poisoning can be immune be any vaccine or medicines and it doesn’t happen frequently in chicken for instance I mean once in a time it may happen and that depend on the cleaning procedure and how you cook it.

    Back to the Pig it’s a scavenger, It is an omnivorous animal, It eats everything. There are many diseases carried from swine to man, particularly parasite infestations. Lately extensive research has been focused on senility-old age is characterized by hardening of inner lining of the blood vessels of the heart; brain etc. a process called atherosclerosis. When a clot forms, it results in coronary thrombosis or a heart attack, cerebral thrombosis or stroke.

    That is why modern doctors advise three prohibitions during illness: no liquor, no pork and no smoking 😀
    hope my words make sense for you 😀

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