On food … again


Fruit market stall in Cairo By dungodung

Discovery: local food is not expensive at all, while westernized food or any exotic food might cost a lot – compared to Hungary. It seems like a strange change from cheap food in Budapest: Chinese, Thai, local, Italian or whatever you want.

Envy me people of Budapest: I am eating an incredible shawarma second day in a row that cost 10 LE [about 300 HUF and 1.6 USD]. Local food might be surprising and unusual, but it is still very very tasty. Ordering let’s say a Ceaser Salad with chicken would cost about 30 LE [900 HUF or 5 USD]. The same amount of chicken as in shawarma, but for some mystical reason lettuce cost additional 20 LE. Paradox

The quality of vegetables here is disappointing. For some bizarre reason vegetables cannot be preserved in a fridge – they get older and older as if the chill atmosphere of the fridge has no effect on them at all. My three-day old aubergines look old and already retired. I have no idea what to do with them now. Local tomatoes are a tragedy as well. This means that I have to cook them the day I buy them – the only solution that I can see.

But mangoes and green figs bring me a lot of pleasure every day. Turkish coffee with cardamom is another thing that I extremely enjoy here. I hope that soon I will go to a local fish market and find something nice there. Even though I could not find wine in a supermarket nearby and I wanted to use it for risotto tonight, I think I will find some way how to make it without the wine.

And I want to make an almond marzipan . Soon … Very soon


About Masha Egupova

I am coming from the small city on the Russian Far East called Vladivostok, but Chinese call it 海參崴 [Hǎishēnwǎi] meaning "Sea Cucumber Cliffs." In my blog I will present the view from and about Vladivostok and my views on what is going on in Russia in general.

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