Making friends


Several days ago I went to American University in Cairo (AUC) to see a musical performed by the students of the university. The musical itself did not impress me much. I was impressed by the campus of the university: it is huge and modern. This university has a lot of departments and is one of the most expensive in the country. I compared it to my poor little cozy CEU in Budapest and I must say that I wish we had the same facility in BP.

American University in Cairo

After the show I was somewhat lost, since I needed to get home and had no idea how to do that. I could not just go and catch a cab at that late hour and in this remote location. Ugh … everything is so complicated in this city.

I have this psychological thing: I cannot talk to people on streets. I cannot ask for directions and for help if I am lost. I dunno what happened that night but I came up to two cute girls and asked them to call me a cab. Well, instead they offered to take an AUC bus with them to the mall next to my house. Eventually we all went to McDonlds. [I know, I know. I and McDonalds are not compatible but that night it was something expected]. The girls took me home afterwards. We had a great time laughing and chatting. I don’t remember meeting someone that easy and making friends that fast. And I will see them tomorrow for coffee.

Telling you people here are extremely friendly.


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