Cairo: environment


Street in Cairo by Flickr use furibond

This city is not a paradise with an eco-friendly environment. Trash is everywhere and people do not seem to care about it: they throw litter on streets. It seems like plastic bags are everywhere. If I go to a peanut shop to buy some pistachios a salesman would definitely give me a plastic bag for my tiny portion of nuts. So now they know that I don’t take their plastic bags, but carry my own blue textile bag with me.

There are special people in any supermarket that put your food in plastic bags. I don’t know what logic they follow, but they may use an incredible amount of plastic bags so that you could not even carry them on your own. And plastic bags are not eco-friendly here either. If you go shopping in Budapest every plastic bag you buy says that it is eco friendly and is produced with some special materials. These technologies could improve the litter situation here, but ah well… it does not seem to happen soon.

There are way too many cars in this town, majority of them are old and don’t function properly: they produce some black smog and terrible noises. Bike lanes? Forget about it! Walking on foot is another crazy an illogical idea. Every house has its own pavement and there are huge piles of sand between the houses or simply on your way – on what is supposed to be a pavement. Pavements have different heights and there is no common style that they follow. People prefer walking on roads rather than using pavements. And this contributes to the overall craziness of the traffic situation in town.

I think that drivers in Budapest are the most polite drivers I’ve ever met in my life. They will always stop when they see a person putting his foot on the road. Sometimes they are even way too polite and you can find yourself standing in front of the car trying to let the car pass you by and the driver wants for you to cross the street, even if there is no zebra. Nice.


About Masha Egupova

I am coming from the small city on the Russian Far East called Vladivostok, but Chinese call it 海參崴 [Hǎishēnwǎi] meaning "Sea Cucumber Cliffs." In my blog I will present the view from and about Vladivostok and my views on what is going on in Russia in general.

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  1. You know it may be that its only in Europe that they have eco-friendly plastic bags, or where they don’t bag your groceries for you. In Los Angeles–or in the States–its nice having them bag your groceries for you–even if you do bring your own eco-friendly reusable bags, they can use those too. That is one thing I miss from States–baggers.
    Love the picture–very different than Budapest!

  2. May I ask where exactly in Cairo you live?? I can see a tinge of exaggeration and bias in your post!

    I live in Cairo, and I do know that some places are beyond dirty, but on the other hand, there’re way too many clean areas and neighborhoods..

    Have you ever been to Heliopolis or Nasr City for example? Most of the streets there are clean (not perfectly, but still clean) as well as many other places!

    Also, there’s a reason why Egypt is categorized under developing countries! You should’ve expected the traffic a country with over 80 millions population to jam, where would all those people go?!

    But anyway, welcome to Egypt.. I hope you have a nice stay in here.. 😀

    • Dear Sara,

      Thank you for your comment. I actually live and work in Nasr City. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Cairo so far. I am just writing of what I see and what I think about it. Yes it might be a bit biased perspective, but I don’t deny that people are extremely friendly and I have never been touched or harassed on streets- that is great! And I also believe that this city has a great potential.


      • As you said: “This city is not a paradise with an eco-friendly environment.”, I can’t deny that, but again, not all the places! Also, i guess the lack of governmental laws regulating streets’ cleanliness must have contributed in such attitude in the first place… Anyway, we all hope this will get fixed soon after things settle down; you know the situation right now..

        I get that you’re not used to the environment here, but you’ll adapt a bit by a bit.. And I’m only asking you to reflect the true image, with the good things first (which are countless by the way).. 🙂

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